3D Virtual Tour

Sell your home faster providing an immersive and engaging online experience

An agent-branded 3D walkthrough that makes your listing more marketable-and helps you stand out to prospective clients. We use cutting-edge iGuide technology to create tours with features vastly superior to the technology you have seen before.

What is a 3D Virtual Tour?

A 3D Virtual Tour is a series of 360° images, also called photospheres, panoramas, or panos, where a user can navigate from one 360° image to another. Having three degrees of freedom in which a user can move between 360° images, zooming  in and out of the images during such transitions.

How will iGUIDE help sell your home?
How we’re different

Faster appointment times

Our advanced equipment allows us to complete the average job in less than 30 minutes. Compare that to 1.5 hours! Your clients will thank you!


Easier to share

3D tours are hosted online with a unique URL for each property. This means you can easily share it on the MLS and social media or embed it on your own website. And because the website is personalized with your branding and contact info, it doubles as a valuable personal marketing tool.


Easier to use

Most virtual tours are difficult for users to navigate with a clunky features that forces users to ‘back track’ instead of moving freely around the home. We provide a better user experience that keeps viewers on the website longer.

Immersive Virtual Tour

iGuide is state of the art technology designed to sell homes faster, for more money, and with fewer wasted showings. This 3D Virtual Tour gives homes buyers a realistic feel of the home while providing all the tools they need to determine if the home is right for them.

The technology is one of a kind and your agent is one of very few agents embracing this technology. 

Property information provided with each 3D Virtual Tour


360° Images

Explore from the perspective of someone standing in the property


Floor Plans

A 2D representation of the property to understand the entire property at a glance and can be downloaded as pdf, jpg, svg or dxf.

Floor and room dimensions

The iGuide 3D tour camera's time-of-flight laser scanner delivers reliable measurements with a typical dimensional uncertainty of 0.5% of smaller.

Advance Measurements

You have the freedom to measure either directly in the floor plan or in an image on the 3D Tour.

Photo Gallery

You have the traditional digital way to look at the property. They are quick to load and easy to share.


The surrounding area is really important and can be more important than the property itself.

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