Best Practices for an Open House

Timeline & Best Practices

There are two types of Open Houses, the ones that attract serious home buyers and the ones that attract the sound of crickets.

Below you will find the best tips and tricks when it comes to holding open houses. When you’re ready to hold an open house, let us know and we’ll help make the open house more enjoyable by handling the sign installation, removal and more.

Post on MLS, Create Flyers

Post on MLS, Create Flyers

  • Monday
  1. Post the open house date and time on the MLS so it will syndicate to the online search portals (Zillow, Redfin, etc.).
  2. Create open house flyers.
  3. Gather open house materials (signup sheet, buyer/seller guide, etc.)
  4. Connect with a lender who is interested in doing the open house with you and sharing in the cost.

Tip: Look for a home that has no more than 3-5 turns from a major intersection, shows well online, an is priced to attract the buyers you want to work with.

Post the Open House on Social Media

Post the Open House on Social Media

  • Tuesday
  1. Start posting the open house on social media. We recommend sponsoring an Ad with a min. $5/day and 5 mile radius.
  2. Also we recommend posting a quick video of you in front of the home, telling people about the upcoming open house. Posting a 3D Virtual Tour is also a great idea (see our packages).
Place Order with The Listing Bees

Place Order with The Listing Bees

  • Wednesday

A few days before your open house, place your order with us (The Listing Bees) to ensure you get on their schedule for the upcoming weekend.

The Listing Bees will put out signs, pick them up and drop off additional item you need to make your open house a smooth and enjoyable one.

Thursday / Friday
Print Flyers

Print Flyers

  • Thursday / Friday

Print the flyers you'll need for the open house.

If you are going to distribute flyers, this is the time to start knocking on doors and inviting the neighbors to the open house. We recommend handing out 200 flyers.

Pack your Marketing Materials

Pack your Marketing Materials

  • Friday Night

Gather all your marketing materials and put them in your car the night before.

Be sure to grab materials that will:

  1.  Market the home.
  2. Market you as a professional.
  3. Capture visitor information.
Friday Night
2 Hours Before the Open House
Put Out Signs and Setting Up

Put Out Signs and Setting Up

  • 2 Hours Before the Open House

The day of the open house has arrived!

If you hired us, all you need to do is show up and enjoy the open house

If you didn't hire The Listing Bees, well then we wish you the best while you play Frogger in your dress clothes!

Set up the open house signs 2 hours before the open house. We recommend posting a note on the front door letting visitor know when the open house starts and ends just in case someone shows up before the start time.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live

  • 1 hour before the Open House

Do a virtual open house on Facebook 1 hour before the event.

Give home buyers a sneak peak at the home you are holding open.

Keep in mind, future sellers may be watching. Don't forget to impress them.

1 hour before the Open House
Open House Time
Engage Home Buyers & Visitors

Engage Home Buyers & Visitors

  • Open House Time

It's time for the open house. Be sure to ask visitor to register and consider asking them to fill out a survey as they tour the home. This will give you talking points while they are at the house and when you follow up later

Follow up is Key

Follow up is Key

  • Day after the Open House

Follow up with everyone that visited the home. Thank them for visiting and try to setup a time to show them homes next week.

Send a detailed report to the Seller letting them know how many people showed up, what the feedback was, etc.

Day after the Open House
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