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Airbnb is an exciting experience and a great source of revenue. However, it is also like running a small business with our professional photography, you’ll receive more booking requests. Which means you can also increase your nightly rates.
Simply put, this is an investment in your business that will pay for itself several times over.

Photography that pays for itself

More Bookings + Ability to Increase Prices = More Revenue

If one night’s rent is $50, what would it be worth if you could increase the price to $60/night and book another 20 nights this year?

Your current bookings would all increase by $10/night and you would earn another $1,200 by booking the other 20 nights!

A small investment can go a long way

Move the bar to see the comparison.

Services We Provide

 High-performance DSLR cameras with special wide-angle lenses capture every room at its best, while our meticulous Photoshop editors fine tune each photo to perfect light, color, and exposure.


Increases booking by helping guest understand the home's layout and where they will be staying.


An immersive tour with iGuide technology that gives a realistic feel of the home while providing all the tools they need to determine if the home is right for them to stay.


Place yourself at the center of the room and experience the interactive view of the 360 panorama.


Single Property Website with weekly email stats, photo gallery, branded and unbranded.

AirBnB Photography Packages

HDR Photos

HDR Wide-Angle Photos
$ 125
  • 25-30 HDR Wide Angle Photos
  • Professionally Edited
  • Next Day Delivery

We focus on giving future guests an accurate feel of the room sizes, bathrooms, common areas, backyard and any additional amenities.

All photos are professionally edited and returned by the end of business the following day.

Photos & Floor Plans

HDR Wide-Angle Photos and Floor Plans
$ 175
  • 25-30 HDR Wide Angle Photos
  • 2D Floor Plan
  • Professionally Edited
  • Next Day Delivery

Did you know, only 50% of your guests can understand how your home is laid out with just photos?

The other 50% need a floor plan. Don’t leave half your guests in the dark, provide a floor plan they will be able to understand.​

3D Virtual Tour+

Photos, Floor Plan, 3D Tour
$ 350
  • 25-30 HDR Wide Angle Photos
  • 2D Floor Plan w/measurements
  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • Single Listing Website
  • 360° Panorama Images
  • Professionally Edited
  • Next Day Delivery

For the AirBnB host looking to market their home on and off AirBnB, this is the perfect package. Make it easy for guests to view your home online and reach out to you.

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Kim M.
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I was so happy when i saw the photos he took of my house. Marcus Fleming/The Listing Bees is amazing! He's very professional, talented photographer. He made sure every captured with details and moods of the atmosphere also the colors of the sky they truly turned out amazing. I love working with him. I highly recommend. And of course my friends love him too. Thanks millions and will see you for more photos shoots 😊 🙏
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